We are excited to now offer PlexR soft surgery here at Defyne Aesthetics in Longridge, Preston. PlexR soft surgery is a revolutionary new treatment method that allows to treat hooded eyes or saggy eye lids WITHOUT surgery. This problem affects almost everybody at some point and we can now offer a solution without having to undergo a blepharoplasty, the surgical procedure. PlexR can remove saggy eyelids, eyebags and works miracles on deep smokers lines. It can also remove small moles and treat severe acne without the need for medication. PlexR works on stretch marks and any type of scarring. PlexR works by generating physical plasma which vaporizes the skin in the target area. This treatment can be carried out utilizing numbing creme only and leaves some mild scabbing until the treated area has healed entirely. It is therefore a ‘luchtime’ procedure and does not bring any of the side effects of plastic surgery. Unlike many other facial aesthetics procedures the results are permanent.

What is PlexR® Soft Surgery?

PlexR® is a patented new technology that removes excess skin by a process called sublimation. PlexR® creates a plasma arc which ‘zaps’ away excess skin. It is a very safe and effective treatment.

What can PlexR® be used for?

PlexR® is commonly used for:
– brow lift
– saggy skin around the eyes for both the upper eyelid and the eyebags
– deep wrinkles
– scars & stretch marks
– acne (active or scars)
– tattoo removal (any colour)
– tightening skin in any part of the body e.g. neck & jowls
– removing benign moles/warts/skin tags/sebaceous cysts

What are the risks/complications?:

PlexR® is very safe and has almost no contraindications, it can even be used on the inner rim of the eye. The side effects of treatment are:
– redness
– crusting of the skin (a thin crust forms over the area treated with PlexR®?
– swelling (for up to 7 days)
– soreness/itching at the treatment site (for up to 7 days)
– pigmentation (for around 8 weeks post treatment)
When will I see results?:
You will see immediate results and the treated area will continue to improve for 3 months after your PlexR® treatment – so be patient!

We review results 2 and 6 weeks after treatment.

How long do the results last?

The treatment is permanent. However, the skin will continue to age and eventually you may see problems such as wrinkles, saggy skin etc re-appear (usually after 5+ years). This is a normal process of ageing and the PlexR® treatment can simply be repeated again.

How do the results compare with other treatments available?

– PlexR® vs Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) :
PlexR® has less down-time (5 days compared to 14 days with surgery), is safer (no general anaesthetic), has more reliable results (i.e. no asymmetrical eyelids!) and is significantly cheaper. However, more extensive facial ageing problems may not be solved with Plexr alone e.g. significant skin laxity and drop requiring surgical face lift.
– PlexR® vs Other Acne treatments (e.g. chemical peels, creams or Roacutane):
PlexR® can treat active acne and acne scars. Active acne will not re-emerge in areas treated with PlexR® so it is useful in preventing acne, the results are seen quickly and fewer treatment sessions are generally required, the skin is not generally sore/painful after PlexR®, no regular check-ups or blood tests are required with PlexR®.
– PlexR® vs Other methods for removing skin lesions:
PlexR® can remove large skin lesions without leaving any scars.

Treatment time: consultation appointment 30 minutes, treatment appointment depends on the treatment, follow-up appointments 20 minutes each.

Prior to treatment, the doctor will discuss Plexr in detail with you, including a thorough review of the risks/complications and how to look after the treated area to ensure you get the best results. PlexR soft surgery can replace a blepharoplasty unless it is a very severe case. Our job is to give you advice on the best treatment for you. This might not be PlexR. Once a treatment plan has been established we will ensure you know what to do and what to be careful with following your PlexR treatment. We then just need to find a suitable day for your treatment.

During your PlexR treatment you will be provided with a very strong numbing cream and numbing injections if required. Some areas are so sensitive that they will require injections. During your PlexR treatment the doctor will move the PlexR handpiece over the skin and you will hear a buzzing sound. Because you will be awake and can particpate in the treatment (for example move your head when asked to) you will be able to assess the achieved result straight after your treatment. PlexR leaves a dotted pattern on the skin and the healthy skin will re- and overgrow the treated areas within 3 weeks. The treatment itself takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Aftercare: PlexR® requires a strict aftercare regime. You will need to keep the area clean, dry and protected from sun exposure. You will be given an aftercare kit with creams to be applied for up to 3 weeks. This helps to promote healing and optimise your treatment results. You will need to protect your skin from sun exposure until all of the redness has settled post-treatment. It is essential not to pick the skin or scabbing. It is of paramount importance to follow the aftercare regime as about 40% of the treatment outcome is entirely down to how you look after your PlexR treated skin immediately after the procedure.
Treatment Prices
Upper Eyelids £800
Lower Eyelids £800
Smokers Lines £300
Other Treatment Prices
Scars (Per session) £80
Strechmarks And Acne Scars Per Consultation
Mole Removal £80