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Plasma Soft Surgery

“The remarkable alternative to surgery!”
Plasma is a revolutionary and patented innovation, opening a new and exciting frontier in the fields of Surgical and Aesthetic medicine. Plasma pen offers an effective alternative to certain surgical procedures eg Blepharoplasty (saagy eyelids) or lower eye bag removal, also called festoons. It can also remove fine lines, skin tags and all types of excess skin.

All treatments are performed by our medical practitioner only.
We have taken great care to make this treatment as safe and predictable as possible. Therefore we provide full anaesthesia rather than superficial numbing creme to make this painful treatment as comfortable as possible. We also use a surgical fume evacuator to eliminate the unpleasant smell and clear the air of any smoke and hazards. Our treatment is performed with surgical loops to make it an absolute precision job – you would not want anything less for your eyes and your face. Altogether our treatment sessions are quicker, safer and have less negative impact on the skin with less associated side effects which ultimately leads to less downtime.

We are the only clinic in the area being able to provide pain free and safe Plasma pen treatment. We strongly believe such a powerful device should only be operated by a trained member of the medical profession. This is the only way to reach its full potential safely and make promises like scar free healing.

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Stages of Plasma treatment

Treatment time: consultation appointment 30 minutes, treatment appointment depends on the treatment, follow-up appointments 20 minutes each.

Prior to treatment, the doctor will discuss Plasma n detail with you, including a thorough review of the risks/complications and how to look after the treated area to ensure you get the best results. Plasma soft surgery can replace a blepharoplasty unless it is a very severe case. Our job is to give you advice on the best treatment for you. This might not be Plasma. Once a treatment plan has been established we will ensure you know what to do and what to be careful with following your Plasma treatment. We then just need to find a suitable day for your treatment.

During your Plasma treatment you will be provided with a very strong numbing cream and numbing injections if required. Some areas are so sensitive that they will require injections. During your Plasma treatment the doctor will move the handpiece over the skin and you will hear a buzzing sound. Because you will be awake and can particpate in the treatment (for example move your head when asked to) you will be able to assess the achieved result straight after your treatment. Plasma leaves a dotted pattern on the skin and the healthy skin will re- and overgrow the treated areas within 3 weeks. The treatment itself takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Aftercare: Plasma requires a strict aftercare regime. You will need to keep the area clean, dry and protected from sun exposure. You will be given an aftercare kit with creams to be applied for up to 3 weeks. This helps to promote healing and optimise your treatment results. You will need to protect your skin from sun exposure until all of the redness has settled post-treatment. It is essential not to pick the skin or scabbing. It is of paramount importance to follow the aftercare regime as about 40% of the treatment outcome is entirely down to how you look after your Plasma treated skin immediately after the procedure.

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Plasma Soft Surgery available from £300 per session. Small areas individually priced after consultation. Contact us to find out more or book your free consultation with Dr Pinar.

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