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If a patient is suffering from cosmetic issues from a poor injectable treatment or skin care treatment, Defyne Aesthetics can help diagnose and treat the problem. We can provide the expertise needed to identify and resolve the patient’s skin condition or reaction, caused by prior poor quality treatment. In our experience, complications emerge from applying injectable treatments or skin peels in substandard circumstances. Many things can go wrong and even though most practitioners try their very best the results might not always be pleasing. If the treatment just did not provide what you were expecting it might be worth getting back to the clinic where you originally had the treatment and see whether they can enhance the results for you.

If the treatment has gone really wrong and you do not want to go back because you have lost confidence in your practitioner we are there to help. We can assist in identifying the problem and either correct or improve it. If this is not possible we can at least aid with limiting the damage. Complications are rare but can be extremely upsetting considering the purpose of the treatment is usually to improve your appearance and confidence.

If something unfavourable happened to you please read below to find out why it happened and what can be done. Generally speaking complications happen because:

• Inexperienced injectors
• Injection outside of medical, office environment, such as a Botox party, where the injector is not equipped to respond to complications
• Patients basing their filler decisions solely upon price; customers chasing low priced leaders and daily deals, leading to lower competency providers
• Office environment is rushed, such as wedding or graduation season
• Clinics using poor quality, adulterated, or expired fillers. In some cases, unethical clinics water down the filler as a cost savings technique or even share syringes between patients
• Clinic or practitioner not experienced and equipped for skin’s reactions. Skin procedures are provided as a form of relaxation, rather than treatment. Unexpected reactions and complications occur for which the practitioner lacks the clinical expertise, medicines, and treatment protocol to address. This also commonly occurs at misdiagnosis, lack of domain knowledge within clinical skin care
• Inexperienced laser operator – Laser operator simply performs point-and-shoot operation, unable to observe the skin’s reaction and adjust
• Treatments driven by sales objectives instead of skin care goals
Medically not trained practitioners or estheticians attempting to treat hormonal and genetically based skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, melasma or age related skin conditions, such as sun spot removal and spider veins


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