Guide to Laser Complications

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Laser light can cause burns of all grades if used incorrectly and no patch test has been carried out to assess the skin’s reaction. Burns are more common with IPL machines. Lasers are more powerful but also target better and are therefore safer if used correctly. Mild burns similar to sun burns might still be tolerable but more severe burns will need intervention. If large parts of the skin blister seek medical attention to avoid scarring.

Defyne Aesthetics recommends to its patients:

  • Use cool water to rinse the area. Do not use hot or warm water, since the heat will further irritate burned skin.
  • Moisturize the skin. Use a rich moisturizer to deeply hydrate the burned area, utilizing one that is free of added dyes and fragrances to avoid irritating the area further.
  • Drink ample water. Burned skin needs to be moisturized from the inside. Consume at least 5 pints of water daily to nourish dehydrated skin.
  • Avoid sun exposure. After a chemical peel, the sun’s damaging rays can injure skin. If the patient must be outside, use a high level SPF sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and large sunglasses.
  • Do not touch the treated area. While it’s tempting, do not peel away flaking pieces of skin. This can seriously damage your skin and lead to permanent scarring.
Patchy whitish areas or darkening of the skin following laser treatment is a common complication. The risk increases with coloured skin and poor equipment or poor laser choice. IPL seem to cause more complications than lasers. In case of pigment change any further treatment should be avoided and the skin left to recover. Sometimes pigmentation can go back to normal but the change might be permanent. In some cases pigmentation changes a course of skin lightening treatment with specific crèmes can blend the changes to match the surrounding skin.
Depending on your desired treatment outcome you might not have achieved the results you wished for. Whether it is hair you wanted to get rid off, freckles or thread veins, there is a way to address almost all of these concerns effectively. If you are unsatisfied with your treatment outcome there could be various reasons:

  • Poor quality of equipment
  • Poor training and experience of practitioner who therefore cannot choose the right settings to address the problem efficiently Poor diagnosis and selection of skin condition
  • Poor medical history assessment and missing underlying conditions
  • Not enough courses/sessions of treatment (lasers generally need several applications)
  • Treatment interval not chosen correctly
  • Wrong laser or wavelength chosen for treating the problem

Whatever the reason here at Defyne Aesthetics we can help find out why you have not achieved what you were looking for and advise on the right treatment choice for you.


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