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Aesthetic Medicine is a fast evolving field and will hopefully bring the answer to many problems generated by the natural process of ageing and exposing our skin to the hazards the environment and our lifestyles can hold.

New treatments and efficient agents are being developed every day. Research is being undertaken to evaluate how different treatments can be combined to benefit each other. They need to be understood and performed well to deliver the desired outcome.

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♦ FDA (fillers)

This page is set up by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health in the U.S. by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human drugs, biological products, medical devices, and cosmetics. It is the largest organisation of its kind in the world. FDA approval of a drug means it has shown to be safe and efficient. On this particular website it informs about dermal fillers.

Click here for more information of FDA (fillers)

♦ British Medical Laser Association

The British Medical Laser Association is a scientific society established to promote, for the benefit of the public, the application of laser and light based technology in medicine by:

  • Promoting the safe operation of lasers and light based technology in the treatment of human disease
  • Promoting research and development in laser and light based technology in medicine and by the publication of the useful results of such research
  • Establishing standards in the medical application of lasers and light based technology.

Both our laser practitioners are members of the BMLA

Click here for more information on British Medical Laser Association

♦ NHS non-surgical cosmetic treatments

This website is an NHS service and aims at informing the public about non-surgical procedures. Non-surgical procedures are the main domain of our clinic and the NHS choices website provides clear, independent and unbiased information.

Click here for more information on NHS non-surgical cosmetic treatments

♦ British Skin Foundation

The British Skin Foundation raises money to fund research for cures for skin diseases. On this particular link you can find a comprehensive list of common skin problems and diseases, explained in an easy to understand way. It also provides information about cure or management of diseases.

Click here for more information on the British Skin Foundation

♦ Cynosure

This is the website of the manufacturer of our high-tech laser. You will find useful information about Cynosure in general, cosmetic laser applications and our laser, the Elite MPX.

Click here for more information on Cynosure.

♦ Botox

Botox is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin, the active ingredient of the drug. It has first been formulated by Allergan. This webpage gives the full product information including boxed warning.

Click here for more information on Botox.

♦ MHRA – Regulating Medicines and Medical Devices

The MHRA is the UK equivalent to the FDA and is responsible for regulating all medicines and medical devices in the UK by ensuring they work and are acceptably safe. On this particular weblink they inform about drugs like Botox but also other products which are used for wrinkle relaxing injections.

Click here for more information on MHRA – Regulating Medicines and Medical Devices.

♦ Medical Peels

We think that this is one of the most comprehensive and informative websites about chemical peels you can find.

Click here for more information on Medical Peels.

♦ British Association of Dermatologists

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) is a charity whose charitable objects are the practice, teaching, training and research of Dermatology. It works with the Department of Health, patient bodies and commissioners across the UK, advising on best practice and the provision of Dermatology services across all service settings.

You can download very informative patient leaflets from their website under the tab: for the public.

Click here for more information on British Association of Dermatologists.

♦ Emervel

Click here for more information on Emervel.

This is the product page of one of our dermal filler products – Emervel. It is manufactured by the same company as Restylane. You can view very professional before and after pictures and inform yourself about this particular filler.

 ♦ Restylane

This is the product page of a very popular and widely available filler – Restylane. It is manufactured by the same company as Emervel. This website provides a comprehensive before-and-after library and general information about fillers.

Click here for more information on Restylane.

♦ Belotero

This is the product page of another dermal filler we use. This filler is unique in how it integrates with the skin and leads to a very natural appearance. It is in many cases the preferred product of our consultant, hence why Dr. Pinar Akman registered with their website on the find a practitioner section.

Click here for more information on Belotero.

♦ Agera

Agera is the exclusive cosmeceutical range we use. We also sell the product line which is a home care range and will not only benefit your skin greatly but also works very well with the treatment we offer. You can access the information about all their products on our products site including our current offers.

Agera is also the manufacturer of our chemical skin peel system.

Click here for more information on Agera.