We’re delighted to announce that this is our first ever blog!!! So bare with us… ☺

We wanted to share with you our first year’s story.

April 2014 – we got the keys to our office or better known as Suite 8. The room was miserable looking and very very tired. Here is a pic so you get the picture..

Suite 8

July 2014 – After a lot of hard work and telling the builder off, we finally finished the clinic. Needless to say we were already exhausted! But we were over the moon with how it turned out.

August 2014 – we opened our doors to the public, this was an awesome feeling.

After a slow start and mass spending spree on marketing we started to see Open to the publicnew faces walking in the clinic. One of them faces was our baby girl Isla who Pinar gave birth to on the 29/08/15. Yes, that’s correct. Pinar was pregnant when we opened the clinic and her feet have not touched the floor since.

Over the last 12 months we have had a whirlwind of a time. We have learnt so much about us, the business, marketing and new treatments / products. We have also met incredible people, who are now loyal clients. At this point I would like to say ‘Thank you.’

July 2015 – I made a massive decision about my future. I gave up my job at the fire service to dedicate my time to the clinic. This has been the best decision I have ever made!

We are now going into the second year of trading with new technology and products. We have recently purchased an IPL hand piece, this is so that we can treat Rosacea more effectively, and we have also purchased a microneedling device for skin tightening and have become Eneerpeel providers for many skin concerns.

We look forward to see you at our clinic in the near future. SPREAD THE WORD, WE ARE HERE!