Smoker’s lines can be psychologically upsetting and they can make you feel unconfident, particularly when your lipstick starts to blend in between the lines. They are not necessarily caused by smoking, although repetitive pursing of the lips can exaggerate them and smoking can effect the production of collagen, meaning a lose in volume and the skin can look thinner.


• We provide a free consultation undertaken by Dr Pinar Akman who has trained in advanced aesthetics procedures.
• We only use market-leading fillers exclusively formulated for this area.
• We can make the treatment as pain free as possible by applying anaesthesia cream to numb the area for client comfort.
• Our medical practitioner will take her time with each and every client to ensure she creates the results you are looking for.
• Our medical practitioner uses most up to date and innovative methods to redefine the volume to ensure a natural look, whilst reducing wrinkles.
• We provide a free follow up review to ensure you are completely happy with the treatment.
• 100% patient satisfaction.
• There is no obligation to have a treatment, you may wish to go away and think about it or you may wish to time the treatment in order to fit in with other events in your life.

They generally start to appear in your early thirties, and as time passes with repetitive use of the muscles, tiny vertical lines start to set in. They typically start on the upper lip edge and creep up to the nose as we age. The lip will start to naturally lose volume and deeper lines may start to be present. Other factors can influence there development such as sun damage, sun damage will increase the appearance of wrinkles and causes skin to look thin and dehydrated. Our discreet clinic is situated in Longridge just outside of Preston and it is only a short drive for those living in Garstang, Chorley, Blackburn, Accrington, Lancaster and the Wyre & Fylde Coast.

Dermal fillers will be injected into the vertical lines, this is a minimally invasive method. The dermal filler will provide volume. Sometimes it is necessary to insert the dermal filler into the lip border to get a more effective result. For best results we recommend a combination of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatment.
Anti-wrinkle treatment will help to relax the muscle, giving the upper lip a rest from repetitive use preventing further lines form- ing. Whilst the dermal filler will soften the lines

You will notice a result immediately after the treatment, lines will look less etched and smoother. If you have a combination of treatment Dermal fillers and Anti-wrinkle treatment, you will not see the results of the the treatment for approximately 7—14 days after it.

Common side effects include redness, swelling, mild bruising and mild lumpiness. The redness will disappear in a few hours, the swelling and bruising may take a couple of days to settle, this is dependent on each individual. The lumpiness will also settle after a few days.

Certain side effects are very common. This includes redness and mild swelling. Depending on the treated area you might experience bruising and some bleeding. You might also feel some tenderness and residual “lumps and bumps” which will smooth out within a couple of days.

Other side effects are extremely rare. Should you therefore experience any effects not mentioned above we would like you to contact us so we can ensure everything is within the normal side effects.

To allow the fillers to deliver the best results we advice you to:

  • NOT exert any pressure on the treated area or any other manipulation
  • NOT exercise excessively
  • NOT expose yourself to extreme heat or cold and sunshine for 2 weeks
  • NOT drink alcohol for 24 hours drink plenty of water to help the filler to hydrate

We charge £250 for this treatment. This includes the initial treatment with a follow up treatment two weeks after to reinforce the results. If you decide to enhance the treatment by having anti-wrinkle treatment at the same time we will charge an additional £60.



  • Free consultation with an in-depth facial analysis

  • Highly skilled cosmetic practitioner

  • Safe, cost effective solution

  • Follow up treatment included in cost

  • Boost self esteem and confidence


Smokers Lines£250
x2 Paid For Upfront£450
Additional Anti-wrinkle treatment£60
  • Smokers Lines | £250
  • Additional anti-wrinkle treatment | £60


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