Nearly everyone has a pigmented lesion of some type, be it a freckle, sun spot or birthmark. It is fair to say with age, congenital factors and sun exposure that these pigments can become more visible. Typically these pigmented lesions vary in size, shape, depth, colour and location on the body or face.

Pigmentation removal works very well with laser treatment, though an initial consultation with our laser specialist will highlight the options available and identify the most effective method to suit your skin type. Traditionally treatments have revolved around fading creams, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) and chemical peels. When successful, they can sometimes leave behind a white patch which may be more obvious than the original problem. Newer treatments such as lasers and IPL’s are much more specific. The light is able to specifically target the pigment and destroy it. This is done gently, so that not all pigment in the area is affected, and the background colour is preserved. Although laser treatment is a fantastic method to remove pigments, it is not always the best choice and this is where the traditional methods are best utilised.

The Defyne Team at our Preston Clinic has the experience and skills to recommend a bespoke treatment package for you that may include Tebiskin Lightening Cream, ZO Obagi medical / Health skin care products or Eneerpeel Peels.

At Defyne Aesthetics Preston Clinic we use a laser to perform the treatment, which is surprisingly quick. Most areas can be treated in less than 20 minutes. With the added feature of a unique dynamic cooling device the skin is soothed and protected during treatment, but you may feel a slight flicking similar to that of an elastic band.

More than half of all common pigmented lesions can be removed in just one treatment. Treated pigmented lesions do not reappear, with the notable exception of some birthmarks, which can come back after several months or even years. But it’s safe and effective to retreat them.

Not all pigmented lesions are suitable for laser treatment. Raised moles can generally not be treated. Some other pigmented lesions might also not be suitable. We will carefully examine the pigmentation, take clinical photographs and give you advice on how to proceed.

Immediately afterwards the area will redden and may look sunburnt, but this is short-lived.

Over the next 7 – 10 days the pigment will start to darken, and you will notice the area will crust over and literally flake away.

Please note – Use of a broad-spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen is essential to minimise the risk of re-pigmentation or even hyper pigmentation.

The price for laser treatments of freckles and age spots starts at £60 for a single blemish and increases depending on the area being treated. Kate or Pinar will give you a quote after one of them has examined your freckles and age spots.

In most cases, after the laser treatment the age spot or freckle will darken and possibly have a red halo for several hours.
The most common problem is incomplete removal of a brown spot or pigmented nevi, this type of pigment is particularly resistant, however some fading normally occurs. There is a minimal risk of scarring, loss of pigment or infection.

You can have your second treatment from 4 weeks, but we recommend you leave it at least 6-8 weeks to allow time for your pigments to fade.

In some cases yes, but mostly your pigment is likely to fade to a point where you are the only person likely to trace it.

The number of required treatments is dependent on such factors as lesion depth and size. You will start to notice results after one to two treatments. Some people need up to five to six treatments, particularly if the pigment is sat in the dermis.


  • Safe procedure with quick results

  • Remove unwanted skin imperfections including – Freckles, Sun Spots, Age Spots and Birthmarks.

  • Qualified medical practitioner

  • Free consultation


Freckles & age spotsfrom £60
Skin blemishUpon quote
(depending on the area being treated)


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