Regain Confidence with Our Acne & Spots Treatment Programme

Acne and persistent spots can have a profound impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Beyond the emotional toll, untreated severe acne can lead to permanent scarring.  Defyne Aesthetics in Preston Lancashire, offers a specialized Acne & Spots Treatment Programme to address these concerns.

Personalized Assessment:
The journey to clearer skin begins with a crucial first step – an individualized and in-depth assessment. Not all spots are a result of acne, and a precise diagnosis is fundamental.

As Medical professions we bring specialist experience to the table. We have in-depth knowledge of the skin which is instrumental in treating a spectrum of skin conditions, with a particular focus on acne and spots.

Tailored Treatment Programme:
The Acne & Spots Treatment Programme is customized to your unique needs. Defyne Aesthetics employs a combination of approaches, including, chemical peels, specialist skincare products and RF needling. Discussions about laser-based treatments are available, with any associated costs clearly communicated.

Key Features of Our Programme:
– Delivered by a medical professionals  with expertise in both medical and cosmetic dermatology.
– Specialized experience in treating numerous acne and rosacea patients.
– Comprehensive and individualized approach targeting all underlying factors.
– Combination of treatment approaches in a step-by-step regime for lasting results.

Regain control over your skin health and confidence. Schedule a consultation with Defyne Aesthetics to explore the tailored Acne & Spots Treatment Programme designed to deliver optimal, long-term results. Your journey to clearer skin begins here.

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Summer Peel & Rosacea Peel

(Mandelic Acid 40%)

(Upto £395 for 4 treatments)
Acne Peel

(Salicylic Acid 30%)

(Upto £395 for 4 treatments)
Radio Frequency
Topical skin products:

Zo medical


Start from £30
Enerpeel courses of 3 or 4 include required skin care prep regime


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