Marionette lines start to form as we get older the skin starts to sag due to a lack of elastin and collagen in the skin. The result being vertical lines start to form from the comers of the mouth to the chin area. This sagging appearance can have psychological impacts on a person as they can make you look grim or sad all the time. Don’t disappear there is a very easy treatment to help reduce there appearance. By using a safe medically for- mulated dermal filler such as Juvederm® or Restylane®. Dr Pinar Akman will intruduce through the skin a fine needle into the area and slowly release the dermal filler along the shaft of the vertical line. By putting volume under the surface of the line you will get instant volumisation of the area. The treatment will take about 30 minutes to an hour. The treatment is relatively painless and offers long lasting results up to 6—12 months


• We only use market-leading fillers exclusively formulated for this area.
• We can make the treatment as pain free as possible by applying anaesthesia cream to numb the area for client comfort.
• Our medical practitioner will take her time with each and every client to ensure she creates the results you are looking for.
• Our medical practitioner uses most up to date and innovative methods to redefine the volume to ensure a natural look, whilst reducing wrinkles.
• We provide a free follow up review to ensure you are completely happy with the treatment.
• 100% patient satisfaction.

There are many factors which influence there appearance the main one being age. Other factors include sun exposure, diet, skin care, genetics, environment and smoking. It is recommended after the treatment you follow a good skin care regime such as Neostrata to help maintain essential minerals: antioxidants, water and collagen in the skin.

With the application of anaesthetic before the treatment you should experience minimal discomfort during the procedure.

You may experience a bit of redness, swelling or tenderness for 3-5 days after the treatment. In some cases you ay get some bruising, but this will disappear after several days. You can apply make up after the treatment.

Certain side effects are very common. This includes redness and mild swelling. Depending on the treated area you might experience bruising and some bleeding. You might also feel some tenderness and residual “lumps and bumps” which will smooth out within a couple of days.

Other side effects are extremely rare. Should you therefore experience any effects not mentioned above we would like you to contact us so we can ensure everything is within the normal side effects.

To allow the fillers to deliver the best results we advice you to:

  • NOT exert any pressure on the treated area or any other manipulation
  • NOT exercise excessively
  • NOT expose yourself to extreme heat or cold and sunshine for 2 weeks
  • NOT drink alcohol for 24 hours drink plenty of water to help the filler to hydrate

1 syringe costs £275. You may need more syringes depending on the depth and area being treated, additional syringes cost £200.



  • Free consultation with an in-depth facial analysis

  • Restoring lost volume and shape

  • Provides a lift to the corners of the mouth and softens a sad appearance

  • Highly skilled cosmetic practitioner


Marionette Lines£275
Additional syringes£200
  • Marionette Lines | £275
  • Additional syringes | £200


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