Tear trough filler is when hyloronic acid is placed under the eyes to add volume to under the eyes. Hylorounic acid is a gel substance that naturally exists in the body so there is no worry of an allergic reaction.

Dark circles and hollowness of the eyes can create a tired aged look. Using the filler, it smoothes out the area around the eyes and plumps the skin, leaving your eyes looking more youthful, minimizing shadows around the eyes, hydrating and brightening the area.

Filler normally lasts between 8-12 months but it varies between the individual and can last up to as long as 18 months.


Tear trough filler is a non surgical procedure therefore it is reasonably comfortable. A topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the area to numb the area. The entry point is created with a needle. A cannula is then used to reach the area

Tear Trough filler should only be performed by an advanced medical professional.

There may be a slight swelling and bruising to the area but this usually goes within a few days.

Altogether the procedure takes up to an hour there is no downtime to the procedure and you will be able to return to your normal activities.

To allow the fillers to deliver the best results we advice you to:

• NOT exert any pressure on the treated area or any other manipulation
• NOT exercise excessively
• NOT expose yourself to extreme heat or cold and sunshine for 2 weeks
• NOT drink alcohol for 24 hours drink plenty of water to help the filler to hydrate


Tear trough treatmentfrom £300


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