At Defyne Aesthetics, we use an Elite MPX medical grade laser for all of our laser hair removal treatments. Recognised as the most versatile laser available today, the Elite MPX can treat all skin types including Asian and African skin types.

  • Remove unwanted hair faster & more effectively with our Elite PMX laser

  • For all skin types, including Asian and Black Skin tones
  • Simple treatment with minimal downtime
  • Best value & cost effective



Laser hair removal is the elimination of unwanted hair on the face or body. A laser emits a gentle pulse of energy that passes through the skin to the hair follicle. This energy is then absorbed into the hair follicle to destroy it so that hair can never grow there again.
Traditional removal routines can be tedious, painful and expensive over time. Shaving may last a day, waxing a couple of weeks, but none of them last forever – and therein lies the true beauty of laser hair removal.
The treatment causes minimal discomfort. Clients often say it feels similar to the snap of a rubber band. Slight redness or localized swelling can occasionally occur, but this usually subsides within the first 24 hours after treatment.
Typically clients will see results in 4 – 6 treatments, though this number will vary based upon the skin tone, hair colour and several other factors. At your consultation we will talk to you about the variables that may affect your individual results.
We can proudly say you get what you pay for at our clinic in Preston. The cost of our treatment may be slightly more than what our competitors are providing, but we believe if you have invested money into this type of treatment you should be treated by a practitioner who has had specific training in Light and Laser therapies, using the medically graded technology in a safe and successful manner.
Different factors influence the efficiency of the laser hair removal. We will discuss this in detail with you at your consultation at our Preston Clinic to give you a realistic expectation. Skin type, hair type and the area being treated will determine the settings of the laser and therefore the outcome.
We are proud to be one of the first laser hair removal clinics in Preston to offer the newly introduced Elite MPX laser system by Cynosure.
The Elite MPX, which incorporates Cynosure’s patented MultiPlex sequencing technology, is a highly versatile laser aesthetic workstation that combines two gold standard wavelengths in one system: the 755 nm Alexandrite laser and the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser, with the capability of using them individually, switching between them, or blending them with the MultiPlex sequencing technology, resulting in customized hair, vascular, and anti-aging treatments to a wider range of patients of any skin type.
At Defyne (Preston Clinic) we offer Cynosures Elite MPX laser hair removal as opposed to IPL (intense pulsed light). Laser is the most effective way to deliver long-term effective hair reduction, you can expect up to 90 percent hair removal in as little as six treatments.
Laser hair removal is different to the Intense Pulsed Light system (IPL) which uses less powerful, diffused light waves. IPL due to its nature causes much more side effects and is less effective than a laser. IPL emits energy produced by a lamp similar to a light bulb. Our medical grade laser emits a coherent beam of light which focuses on the treatment area more precisely. It therefore looses less of its power in the surrounding tissue causing fewer side effects and providing more accurate results.
Laser hair removal can be used on any part of the body, including the most common problem areas: face, bikini area, legs and underarms. It is also safe to use on a wider range of skin types. Our laser is specifically designed to treat all skin types safely.
However IPL machines do provide certain benefits in comparison to a laser. They are cheaper to buy than a laser and easier to run. With different hand pieces they can be utilized for different applications. Therefore they are more versatile but never achieve the efficacy of a specialized laser.
Many hair removal machines available at other establishments are labelled ‘Laser’ but are actually systems that use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Research has shown that although these machines may reduce hair growth, they are not as effective as the Elite MPX at permanently destroying the hair follicle.
The price of having the patch test is £25 but redeemable from the course of treatment.
• Avoid sun exposure 4 weeks (Alex) or 2 weeks (YAG) prior to your scheduled treatment.
• Avoid sun beds 4 weeks (Alex) or 2 weeks (YAG) prior to your laser treatment.
• Avoid applying tanning lotion 4 weeks prior to your laser treatment.
• Remove make up, creams, lotions and Potions thoroughly.
• Remove deodorant.
• Shave the area before treatment so that no stubble is showing.
• Stop waxing or tweezing and threading.
• Application of Lotion or Aloe Vera should be applied to the area for rehydration. If crusting develops it should be allowed to fall off naturally. Do not scratch or pick crust.
• An antibiotic cream should be used if there is any blistering or break in the skin. Please contact the clinic if there is an indication of infection (redness, tenderness or pus).
• Do not shave treated area for 1 to 3 days post treatment if crusting or blistering occurs.
• Normal skin care regimens, i.e., makeup, moisturizers, deodorant, shaving may be resumed the day after treatment if there is no redness, blistering or crusting present.
• Wash treated area gently with mild soap and water. If treated area is irritated, the area should not be rubbed with a face cloth or towel. The area should be gently patted dry.
• Makeup – If the area blisters, extreme caution should be used when applying or removing makeup. The treated area is very delicate and should be treated with care.
• Rough removal of makeup can increase the incidence of post treatment complications.
• Sun exposure should be avoided throughout the course of treatment. A broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater should be applied whenever the area may be exposed to the sun.
• Following the laser treatment activities, such as swimming, sports and/or strenuous exercise should be avoided for the first 2–3 days, or until any redness, crusting or blisters have resolved.
• Please contact the office immediately if the treated area becomes tender and shows signs of infection (pus).
If you would like to do a quick self test to evaluate your own skin type please click below.




Face & Neck areasfrom £60
Arms & Hands areasfrom £50
Torso areasfrom £50
Lower Region areasfrom £90

For full course treatments costs and specific areas visit our prices page

For full course treatments costs and specific areas visit our prices page



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At your consultation you can discuss all aspects of the procedure so you can decide if Laser Hair Removal is the right treatment for you. We will give you advice and decide if you are suitable to receive the treatment. To assess how your skin reacts to the laser we perform a patch test 7 days prior to your first treatment. For the most accurate assessment and to allow the patch test to be carried out at your consultation you should limit plucking, waxing or electrolysis for 4 weeks before your appointment. You should also avoid sun exposure as treatment and patch tests cannot be carried out on tanned skin.

Treatment can take anywhere from 10 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the area(s) being treated. We advise that you shave the area 24 hours prior to your treatment. We cannot treat tanned skin. Therefore you have to avoid sun exposure 2-4 weeks prior to treatment, and artificial tans 1 week prior to treatment. The treatment itself is practically pain free due to the attached cooling device. You might feel the sensation of a snapping elastic band when the laser is “fired”.

Directly after treatment you may see mild redness, and sometimes slight swelling of the hair follicles. These temporary side effects quickly subside. Superficial scabbing, crusting or blistering in treatment area and temporary changes in skin tone may also occur but are very rare. The results are gradual and hair growth is reduced after each treatment.
To maximise the effects of Laser Hair Removal and to minimise unwanted side effects we recommend you take the following aftercare steps:-Avoid sun exposure and apply sun protection to treated area(s)
-Do not undergo chemical or microdermabrasion peels 1 week post treatment
-Avoid direct and indirect heat, hot baths, saunas etc, for 48hrs post treatment
Normal skincare routine can be resumed immediately avoiding harsh or irritant topical products for 48hrs.
Results may vary as each individual is different but you are welcome to arrange an appointment to see you practitioner at any time to ensure you are happy with your procedure


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