Enhance Your Profile with Defyne Aesthetics Clinic and Jawline Filler Treatments

well-defined jawline and chin contribute significantly to facial aesthetics. Whether your concerns stem from genetic factors, weight gain, or aging, Defyne Aesthetics Clinic offers a premium solution using the highest quality dermal fillers such as Radiesse dermal filler.

Understanding the Causes:
Weak jawlines and chins can be attributed to genetic factors, weight fluctuations, or the natural aging process. Regardless of the cause, Defyne Aesthetics Clinic specializes in providing tailored treatments to address these concerns effectively.

Our Approach:
At Defyne Aesthetics, we utilize advanced chin and jawline filler treatments to sculpt the lower face, creating the optimal chin shape that harmonizes with your facial features. Our procedures are designed to be quick, safe, and yield remarkable results.

Instant, Remarkable Difference:
One of the key benefits of our chin and jawline dermal filler treatments is the instant transformation you’ll experience. The use of premium dermal fillers allows us to redefine your chin and jowl area, providing a more sculpted and balanced appearance.

Why Choose Chin and Jawline Fillers?
Non-Surgical Solution: Our dermal filler treatments offer a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures, allowing you to achieve desired results without the need for extensive downtime.
Tailored to You: Our experienced medical practitioners at Defyne Aesthetics assess your unique facial structure to determine the most suitable approach, ensuring a personalized and natural-looking enhancement.
Safe and Effective: We prioritize the use of highest quality dermal fillers, combined with the expertise of our medical professionals, to deliver safe and effective results.

Experience the Transformation:
Step into Defyne Aesthetics for a transformative experience. Witness the immediate difference before and after your jawline filler treatment, leaving you with a more defined and aesthetically pleasing lower face.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore how our chin and jawline dermal filler treatments at Defyne Aesthetics in Preston can enhance your natural beauty with precision and care.

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• We provide a free consultation undertaken by Medical Professionals who have trained in advanced aesthetics procedures.
• We only use market-leading fillers exclusively formulated for this area.
• We can make the treatment as pain free as possible by applying anaesthesia cream to numb the area for client comfort.
• Our medical practitioner will take her time with each and every client to ensure she creates the results you are looking for.
• Our medical practitioner uses most up to date and innovative methods to redefine the volume to ensure a natural look, whilst reducing wrinkles.
• We provide a free follow up review to ensure you are completely happy with the treatment.
• 100% patient satisfaction.
• There is no obligation to have a treatment, you may wish to go away and think about it or you may wish to time the treatment in order to fit in with other events in your life.

Guidance on Jawline Contouring Treatment Packages

At Defyne Aesthetics Clinic, we provide guidance to ensure you achieve the most natural and satisfying results from our jawline contouring treatments.

Treatment Recommendations:

  • For the average female jawline contouring treatment, we recommend 3-4ml of product. This quantity is advised to achieve a natural result, considering the larger surface area the product needs to cover.
  • For the average male jawline contouring treatment, we suggest 5-6ml of product. This amount is tailored to accommodate the unique structure of the male jawline.

Package Appointments: Our jawline contouring treatments are available as package appointments, providing you with flexibility and convenience. Here’s how it works:

  1. Deposit: Secure your appointment by paying a deposit online.
  2. Adjustments on the Day: On the treatment day, you have the flexibility to reduce or add more ‘mls’ based on your preferences.
  3. Final Payment: The deposit made online will be deducted from the full amount on the day of your appointment.

This approach allows you to customize your treatment to achieve the desired outcome while providing the convenience of adjusting the quantity on the treatment day.

Why Choose Defyne Aesthetics?

  • Experienced Medical Practitioners: Our skilled practitioners at Defyne Aesthetics specialize in delivering natural-looking results tailored to your unique features.
  • Premium Products: We use high-quality products to ensure safety and efficacy in all our treatments such as Radiesse.

Embark on your journey to a more defined jawline by scheduling a consultation with Defyne Aesthetics today. Experience personalized care and expertise in achieving the aesthetic enhancements you desire.

Contact us to book your appointment and explore the possibilities of jawline contouring with confidence.

The non-surgical, minimally invasive cheek augmentation and reshaping involves the use of a dermal filler to reshape and contour the cheek to achieve a natural aesthetic appearance, in a quick, safe and effective out-patient treatment.

Minimal discomfort is expected during the treatment and no bruising should occur with the careful techniques used. Any mild bruising will usually resolve after 1 week. Your cheeks may feel mildly tender for the first 3 – 5 days.

Side effects from this treatment are mild and usually include injection-related side effects such as slight redness and mild bruising or swelling. Generally, these side effects dissipate within a few hours or days.

Certain side effects are very common. This includes redness and mild swelling. Depending on the treated area you might experience bruising and some bleeding. You might also feel some tenderness and residual “lumps and bumps” which will smooth out within a couple of days.

Other side effects are extremely rare. Should you therefore experience any effects not mentioned above we would like you to contact us so we can ensure everything is within the normal side effects.

To allow the fillers to deliver the best results we advice you to:

  • NOT exert any pressure on the treated area or any other manipulation
  • NOT exercise excessively
  • NOT expose yourself to extreme heat or cold and sunshine for 2 weeks
  • NOT drink alcohol for 24 hours drink plenty of water to help the filler to hydrate

Typically the treatment is complete in 30 – 40 minutes. Most people feel comfortable going back to their normal activities immediately following their appointment. Make-up may be applied following the treatment.

The treatment costs £300 per syringe. If you would like more every additional syringe will cost £220.
We can also give you a quote for a more comprehensive treatment with a reduced price for additional syringes. Results typically last 12-18 months although the exact length of time will depend on the structure of your skin and other factors such as lifestyle, age and the degree of perfection demanded by the individual.
Additional touch up treatments can be performed at any time after the initial treatment.



  • Free Consultation and Facial Analysis

  • Providing more balance to facial feature

  • Restoring lost volume and shape

  • Increase self confidence in your appearance


 Jawline Contouring£300
Additional syringes£220



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