Derma FNS™ micro needling uses vertical insertions to create thousands of tiny holes in the skin causing the release of growth factors which stimulate the breakdown of old fibrous collagen and stimulate new collagen and elastin development, a process that leads to skin tightening and remodelling.

Derma FNS™ results are comparable and as effective to ablative treatments such as Fraxel and Laser Resurfacing, but at a fraction of the cost and with less downtime. The biggest advantage is the safety when it comes to changes in pigmentation. Fraxel treatment is very risky on certain skin types while Micro needling is relatively safe. The treatment is typically carried out at a 4 weeks intervals. Usually you should expect 3-4 sessions to see results.

• Skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation
• Acne scars and wound healing
• Improves wrinkles and fine lines
• Minimises pore size
• Improves stretch marks

This is a very safe and minimally invasive procedure. Nevertheless it is not recommended if you
• are pregnant or breastfeeding
• had other exfoliating or light-based skin procedures within the last 4 weeks
• have been using prescription grade skin care products which are not specifically prescribed to support the micro needling process
• are on certain medication
• have skin disorders which affect healing and collagen production

• Better results – greater number of insertions
• Speed much faster, thousands of holes in seconds
• Adjustable needle depth with one needle head for different areas of the face
• Less pain & faster recovery time than dermal rollers
• Easy to treat under the eyes, side of the nose and across the top lip – typical no go areas for rollers
• Minimal side effects and discomfort
• No cross infection – disposable single use needle head

• Minimised epidermal damage means less pain and erythema
• Easy to manoeuvre around all facial contours with the benefit of adjustable needle heights – this means the Derma FNS™ can reach areas that the dermal rollers can not, such as around the nose, mouth and particularly around the eyes
• Because of vertical delivery, needles easily penetrate scar tissue without risk of bending
• Create multiple insertions quickly


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Following a consultation we will have assessed your concerns and discussed your options. If micro needling is your best treatment choice you will have most likely received a skin care regime to follow prior to treatment. On the day of your treatment we will cleanse your face, prepare it with a soothing solution to reduce redness and side effects and treat your face with a numbing crème to reduce discomfort.

The numbing crème will be removed step by step and the DermaFNS fractional needling device will be used on your face until an even pinkish look is achieved. This indicates that the skin has been stimulated sufficiently without causing bleeding. You might feel some discomfort particularly around sensitive areas like under the eyes or above the lip. Generally the treatment is pain free because of the numbing and soothing crème. Treatment for the full face takes about 45-60 min. You will have a slightly pinkish skin tone when you leave our clinic and should ideally rest for the day

The redness might last for up to 48h. You have to avoid the sun for a day as well as heavy exercise and steam room, sauna or the bath. Soon after the treatment you should feel a tightening sensation on your skin. If your skin feels irritable and dry we recommend a soothing moisturizer which also forms part of your skin preparing regime.



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