UVA Impacts & Damage

The English Summer is hiding again and before you know it we will have skipped to the next season. So how is it your skin is red, spotty and your pigments are shining through? Although the sun is not shining those harmful UV Ray’s (UVA & UVB) are penetrating our skin and causing chaos to our cells, hormones & vessels.

Leaving our skin more damaged, resulting in more makeup, embarrassment, self esteem issues and premature ageing. The good thing is we can do something ourselves to help reduce the UV impact. Yes, sunscreen! That’s right, even though the sun is not shining we are still seeing and feeling the effects them selfish Ray’s have on our skin. It is even more important for people with Rosacea and acne sufferers to protect themselves as UV Ray’s are well documented to worsen the condition.

But we live in England you say… Sadly there is no escape from those UV Ray’s. As long as it’s daylight there are UV Ray’s and any unprotected skin will forfeit the effects and age significantly. So why are we not told at school! Well I’m telling you now.

Remember the skin is the canvas of your face, getting the foundation right is the first step to a fresh look.

So what steps can you take? 

Always wear a broad-spectrum SPF all year round. In winter an SPF 15 is recommended and as the climate warms up an SPF 30+ should be applied, stepping this up to a 50+ when you leave the English waters and escape to a sunnier climate. Also go for waterproof SPF and reapply throughout the day. We recommend Heliocare.

If you suffer from Acne a light mist or gel sunscreen will feel lighter and prevent clogged up pores. We recommend our clinical range Tebiskin OSK or Neostrata Refine kit for Acne prone Skin, both clinic lines have 30+ SPF in them.

Let your skin breathe. Avoid heavy makeup and opt for a lighter product that allows your skin to breathe, or you may exacerbate breakouts from increased sweating that may lead to inflammation and pigmentation issues. Do not pick!

Wash your skin frequently to remove daily debris, we recommend twice a day with luke warm water. Luke warm is particularly important for those who suffer with rosacea, as heat is a key trigger. It is also advisable not to wash your face in the shower as the pressure and heat can aggravate the condition causing vessels to dilate. We recommend a clinical line called Synchrorose by Synchroline to help manage rosacea. Additionally moisturising damp skin after washing is key to ensure you lock in moisture.

And finally exfoliate for a healthy glow with a chemical wash rather than a harsh scrub or grainy product. This will allow better absorption of your skin care products and give you a better coverage of your SPF. At our clinic we recommend different washes for different types of skin to ensure you get the most out of it.

Visit us at the clinic to discuss your skin concerns.