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We are now open and have undertaken a risk assessment to ensure the safety of our patients. Please read the latest update below around our new working practices which ensure we can offer safe and secure treatments.


Before your appointment is due to take place, it is essential to inform us if you or anyone in your family, or anyone you have had contact with in the past three weeks, has been ill with symptoms of Coronavirus.

  1. Temperature check. We will require checking your temperature on arrival with a touch-less thermometer.
  2. Hand sanitizer and face masks. On arrival you will be required to use the hand disinfectant gel located in the waiting area. We kindly ask you to wear a face mask and this will be removed during the appointment if required. For treatments such as upper face treatments and body treatments you will be asked to wear this throughout the treatment. If you forget to bring a mask we will provide you with one.
  3. Staggered appointment times. Do not arrive early for your appointment. We will be staggering appointments to limit the number of people in the clinic at any one time. We will be asking clients to wait in their car until their appointment time.
  4. Attend appointments alone. Unless you are under 18 and require a chaperone or need assistance in another way please come on your own.
  5. No drinks. There will be no drinks available on arrival or during your appointment. This is to limit cross-contamination and cleaning time.
  6. Waiting area. We will be removing the fabric chairs from the waiting area. There will be plastic chairs only. Magazines will be removed. The area may look very empty, this is to reduce surface contact and to help with cleaning.
  7. Toilets will be closed. If the need is urgent this is fine, but you must ensure we are made aware so that we can clean the area for staff use.
  8. Treatment time. During you treatment time practitioners will ask questions related to your treatment and gain your consent to perform the treatment. Conversation will be limited to treatment (For those who know Pinar she will struggle with this the most 🙂 This is to reduce the time spent within the social distancing measures and to avoid overlapping appointments. In clinic appointments are limited to treatment only. If you require a new treatment that you have not had previously you will need to request a video or telephone consultation first. New patients will also require a video / telephone consultation first.
  9. Social distancing. We will mark out the 2m floor signage so that social distancing measures can be observed near the reception desk and in the waiting area.
  10. Card payments. During this time, we would prefer payment by card. The card reader will be disinfected prior to you using it.
  11. Staff Personal Protection Equipment. Staff will wear masks at all times and face shields, gloves and aprons when delivering the treatment.
  12. We will be providing additional cleaning protocols throughout the day and after each appointment to ensure sanitation of the clinic.
  13. Air Cleaning. We will be using a medical air filtration system during the cleaning time to clean the air in the treatment rooms.
  14. Follow up reviews. We will be providing video reviews on request following a treatment. You must contact the clinic in order to arrange this 10-14 days following your treatment. If you believe you have a complication we ask you to contact us immediately by phone.
  15. Reception safety. No paper appointment cards will be given out or paper literature.


Taking these steps will make sure we keep each other safe.

Thank you for your support, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions about the above

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