Botox Treatments

Botox injections are highly effective in preventing signs of aging. Our medical professional-led clinic in Preston provides comprehensive Botox treatments customized to your specific needs. We specialize in addressing various concerns such as forehead lines, angry lines, crow’s feet, lip lines, gummy smiles, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), bunny lines, smoker’s lines, jawline slimming and much more.

With our safe and effective Botox treatments, we aim to help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals. Whether you’re looking to smooth out wrinkles or address medical conditions, our experienced team is dedicated to providing personalized care and exceptional results. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn how our Botox injections can benefit you.

As facial muscles contribute to expressions, they can lead to lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging over time due to decreased elasticity. Botox works by relaxing these muscles, resulting in smoother and supple skin. While Botox injections can significantly reduce signs of aging, some effects may require additional treatments, such as dermal fillers, for optimal results. Our clinic offers a range of treatment options to address various aging concerns, ensuring comprehensive care tailored to your needs.


  • Forehead Lines

  • Angry Lines or Known as 11 Lines

  •  Crows feet / Eye lines

  • Bunny Lines

  • Botox for Smokers lines on Upper Lip Lines

  • Botox for Prominent Chin Creases

  • Botox for Wrinkles Under the Eyes

  • Botox for Sagging skin and Horizontal Age Lines on the Neck

  • Botox for Droopy or Asymmetric Eyebrows

  • Botox for Jawline Slimming

  • Botox for Grinding Teeth


  • 1 Area Botox (eyebrows/crow’s feet) | £160 (surcharge of £30 for men)
  • 2 Area Botox (eyebrows/ forehead) | £195 (surcharge of £40 for men)
  • 3 Area Botox (eyebrows / forehead/ crow’s feet) | £250 (surcharge of £50 for men)
  • Grinding Teeth / Lower Face Slimming | £300
  • Additional small areas (bunny lines/ brow lift/ smoker´s lines) | From £50
  • Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) – Botox Hyperhidrosis  | From £400
  • Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis)- Botox Palms of Hands  | From £300
1 area Botox 

(eyebrows/ crow’s feet)

(surcharge of £30 for men)
2 area Botox


(surcharge of £40 for men)
3 area Botox

(eyebrows/forehead/ crow’s feet)

(surcharge of £50 for men)
Additional small areas Botox 

(bunny lines/brow lift/smoker’s lines)
from £60
Excessive sweating Botoxfrom £400
Hyperhidrosis Botox


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Before BotoxAfter Botox
Before Botox treatmentAfter Botox treatment


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Before your anti-wrinkle treatment you will need to have an initial consultation with us.

On the consultation you will be assessed whether you are or not eligible to have anti-wrinkle treatment.

Reasons why you won’t be able to have it:

• Pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding
• Neuromuscular disorders including but not limited to Bell’s Palsy and blood coagulation disorders

The administration of the treatment  only take a couple of minutes . Anesthesia is not required as the treatment is relatively pain free. The product gets into the muscle using a fine needle in order to minimize discomfort and maximize accuracy.

There are usually only a very few or no after effects associated with anti wrinkle treatment. Directly after treatment you may see some swelling, mild redness and sometimes slight bleeding at the site of the application of the treatment. These temporary side effects usually subside within 15-30 minutes. If you have sensitive skin you are more likely to experience these effects.

You are welcome to relax in our welcome area and touch up your make-up if you prefer to wait for these signs to disappear. Results are usually seen within a week from treatment and last on average between 3-4 months but with continued treatment may last up to 6 months. To maximise the effects of anti wrinkle treatment we recommend you take the following aftercare steps:

• Contract the muscles in the treated areas every 10 minutes for one hour after your treatment
• Avoid excessive rubbing of treated areas for 24 hours
• Avoid exercise for 24 hours
• Avoid lying flat or excessive bending over for two hours after treatment
• Avoid facial beauty treatments for two weeks
• Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours

Results may vary as each individual is different but we invite you back to the Preston Clinic 2 weeks after your treatment to follow up with you to ensure you are happy with your procedure.


Dr Pinar BDS, PHD
Originally from Germany Pinar graduated in dentistry at Berlin University in 2002 and worked in various practices in Berlin specialising in oral surgery.
Pinar also undertook trips to Brazil and Norway as part of aid and community projects. She later completed her PhD at the prestigious Charité Faculty of Medicine in Berlin. Shortly after she took on a temporary post in the Lake District and ever since then she has been in love with the north west of England.
Moving on to Aesthetic Medicine was a natural step. As a dentist Pinar has an excellent understanding of the features of the face and often had patients enquiring about cosmetic procedures. She has undertaken various courses and classes in the use of anti-wrinkle products and various fillers and also expanded into the area of cosmetic dermatology involving medical grade peels and other skin treatments like Profhilo.
Pinar is passionate about taking on forward thinking treatments and using them to combat the natural aging process and environmental hazards that our skin faces.
Pinar is a keen reader and loves to do all her DIY herself.
Kate Independent Nurse Prescriber BSc
Kate Independent Nurse Prescriber BScAESTHETIC NURSE PRACTITIONER
Kate has been practicing in Aesthetics for over 10 years, an industry she thoroughly enjoys working in.
She has a great treatment portfolio to offer her patients at Defyne clinic, including anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, with advanced techniques in both and a wide range of skin treatments.
She has qualifications and expertise in lasers and IPL treatments having worked with these machines since 2014.
Kate has also completed specialist training in PRF and microsclerotherapy to offer a gold standard treatment for the management of acne scars and thread veins.
She qualified at University of Central Lancashire with an Honours Degree in Nursing in 2020 and more recently completed her Independent Nurse Prescribing qualification.
Kate’s passion lies in crafting treatments that exude effortless naturalness, showcasing her commitment to enhancing clients’ features seamlessly. Brace yourself at Defyne Clinic for a fusion of skill, innovation, and a dash of artistry as Kate unleashes her powerhouse expertise.

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