Here at Defyne Aesthetics in Longridge, Preston we offer Microdermabrasion to complement our professional skin care procedures. Chemical peels as well as laser treatments for pigments, fine lines and rejuvenation benefit from microdermabrasion. The treatment is fast, inexpensive and can greatly support other procedures or help with smoother complexion as a stand alone treatment. Our medical skin care ranges aim at renewing the skin by increasing cell turnover and microdermabrasion can help remove the old skin.

Microdermabrasion is a facial procedure that deeply exfoliates the surface of your skin. Professional microdermabrasion treatments are completely different from at-home microdermabrasion kits, which are more like fine scrubs. While at-home microdermabrasion kits can make your skin feel very soft and smooth, the results do not compare to professional microdermabrasion treatments. Professional microdermabrasion is much stronger and can reduce the appearance of light wrinkles, scars, and hyperpigmentation. They help even out your skin tone and rejuvenate a dull complexion. Professional microdermabrasion procedures are usually recommended for anti-aging or fading dark marks, but some dermatologists will suggest them as acne treatments. Microdermabrasion can help with active acne, but the extent of improvement depends on how your skin responds. It would probably take multiple treatment sessions as well.

Like chemical peels, you can purchase microdermabrasion treatments as packages because you will need more than one anyway to get your desired results. You generally get microdermabrasion spaced one month apart to give your skin enough time to heal and regenerate. Microdermabrasion should not be used in conjunction with ablative laser treatments that aim at removing skin or following deep peels.

There is generally little to no downtime associated with professional microdermabrasion. Your skin might be red and pink for the rest of the day and maybe even the next day. Some people also experience dryness or tiny breakouts after the treatment, as it brings clogs in your skin closer to the surface. Because microdermabrasion is exfoliating and makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight, it is imperative to protect your skin against UV rays by wearing good sunscreen.

Professional microdermabrasion is performed using either a diamond tip or tiny crystals. With crystal microdermabrasion, tiny crystal particles are used to exfoliate your skin. With the diamond tip, a wand-like device with a “diamond tip” is used to exfoliate your skin instead. Both of these methods exfoliate your skin and use a sucking motion to suck away the exfoliating grains and any dead skin cells.

It is this sucking motion that many people believe helps regenerate collagen in your skin. However, there isn’t much evidence backing up this claim. If you have skin prone to broken capillaries, you may want to avoid microdermabrasion because the suction could be overly irritating and cause even more broken capillaries to form. Overall, professional dermabrasion is one out of many facial procedures that you can use to make your skin look better, brighter, and younger.

Topical creams used daily will help to reduce the signs and symptoms of rosecea, but you need to use a cream that has medically proven ingredients that will do that. Used in conjunction with alternative treatments you will get better results. At Defyne we recommend Synchrorose. Synchrorose is a medically developed and tested product which is proven to reduce reddened skin, controls inflammatory chemical release, increases tolerance thresholds, protects vein structure and encourages veins to repair and replace with new ones.

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